Friends of Rabin Medical Center

Loyal Partners for the Advancement of RMC

The Friends of Rabin Medical Center is a non-profit organization dedicated towards fulfilling Rabin Medical Center’s vision: The advancement of innovative and excellent health care for the public of Israel. Under the leadership of the Chairman, Pinchas (Pini) Cohen, and Executive Director, Orli Meskin, the Friends’ raises awareness and resources for the advancement of Rabin Medical. To do so, it partners with inspired members of the community, whose dedication and support empower it to turn vision into reality.

Thanks to the generosity of private donors, corporations and foundations, the Friends of RMC enables a wide variety of projects:

Construction and refurbishment, providing modern, comfortable and functional facilities
Acquirement of the most recent and innovative medical equipment
Furthering scientific discovery through support of research
Fostering excellence in healthcare through fellowships abroad
Scholarships for nursing students
Providing harmonious surroundings through art projects

All of our efforts are dedicated for the benefit of Rabin Medical Center’s patients and the public of Israel.

We would consider it an honor if you would be willing to be part of our efforts to advance Rabin Medical Center, and if you will find our cause worthy of your support.

World-Wide Support

The support for RMC is wide-reaching, with good friends from various corners of the globe showing their dedication by providing generous support of the hospital, visiting RMC or participating in activities for the benefit of the hospital. The hospital receives international support from the USA, Canada, Belgium, Germany, England and Australia, among others.

Beilinson Forum

The Beilinson Forum, established by the Friends of Rabin Medical Center, fosters affiliation of the public for the advancement of medicine at RMC. Through the Forum, RMC Friends encourages the community to express continued support for the hospital and to join in its efforts in ensuring continual excellence in patient care.

Recognizing and thanking donors for their support, the members of the Forum, comprised of leading members of Israel’s business and social circles, convene a few times a year to learn of medical innovation from RMC’s leading doctors, and hear lectures from key figures in Israel’s economy and security fields.

Every year, RMC Friends holds a gala event, raising significant funds for important projects, and helping to make the public partners in the advancement of healthcare in Israel.

Please contact us at:

Tel. 972-3-9377216
Fax: 972-3-9376047

Address: Friends of Rabin Medical Center
39 Jabotinsky St.
Petah Tikva, 4941492, ISRAEL